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Thread: Deployment/buckle advice

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    Deployment/buckle advice

    I recently posted in the Vintage Strap woes thread about my experiences with said strap. To summarize:-

    • the regular length item has the thick sides too long for a small wrist even though the holes give adequate adjustment
    • for my wrist the floating keeper was way up on the thick part of the strap and the tail wouldn't fit
    • the Bremont buckle destroyed the strap all along its length on the first time I put it on and the strap had to be scrapped - I've been told that a deployment is essential for this strap

    Since then I ordered the brown on brown leather strap which I know will work as it is essentially the same as the standard black/white stock strap. However, what arrived was a short version of the Vintage Leather strap (which Bremont have said both does and does not exist). I can see that this will work length-wise for me but I don't want to destroy another $275.00 strap using the buckle. I also don't want to spend another $300.00 on the Bremont deployment (which Bremont have said both will work and won't work with the Vintage).

    I was talking to Bob Davis about his highly rated RHD deployment which works on straps up to 5mm but on sending him pictures of the Bremont Vintage he doesn't believe it will close properly which is a big disappointment.

    I'm therefore faced with returning this strap and chancing that the AD and Bremont can get me the correct strap at the 4th attempt unless I can find an alternative deployment or tang buckle that won't destroy the strap.

    Any advice from the collective wisdom of this fine forum will be gratefully accepted! Thanks in anticipation, Paul

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    hi paulbrl
    in my experience you would be better off and happier with a short or regular 'normal' calf black /brown strap. Thats what I have hadding tried a deployment (uncomfortable) unfortunately. Also , from what I hear, if you must use a vintage strap the deployment is probably the way to go which is why Bremont supply alligator straps with them...I must admit, I would like an easier and comfier deployment if Bremeont were to make it.
    Give the deployment another chance with a Vintage strap and be more gentle this time,

    cheers & seasons greetings


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    I also tried the deployant, but found it uncomfortable on both the regular calf strap and the vintage strap. I now wear the vintage with a buckle. On my wrist, the strap is in the middle hole of 7, and so far, there is no damage to the strap.


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    Paul, go with your intent of getting the regular brown/brown strap. If you can't afford a deployant don't go with the vintage strap. Have you contacted Bremont directly about getting the wrong strap ? They have great customer service and should be able to put you right.

    Good luck old friend.


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    Hi gents and a very Merry Christmas to you all!

    Thanks for your comments and it seems that I was thinking correctly in ordering the brown on brown calf leather. Interesting about your comments that the deployment/deployant can be uncomfortable as I had wondered about this, particularly on such a beast of a strap!

    I was going to discuss this when Bremont were due to come to my town recently but they were a no-show and the new AD knows nothing about the watches. I'm not sure where the problem lies regarding me getting the wrong straps delivered but it's not like Bremont have thousands of different straps to confuse plus my buddy took four attempts to get the fabled "Jules Verne" strap for his Panerai 359 so I suspect it's Tourneau's ordering system.

    The last attempt for this strap before returning it will be to try at Tourneau tomorrow where the ever-helpful Gabriel will try various generic deployants and buckles on it to see if it can be made to work. However, I'm now really leaning towards that brown on brown calf leather as I know it will work and I don't have to shell out from the house-down-payment fund for a deployant or new buckle!

    Thank you kindly gents and I hope you all have a great day!

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