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Thread: What's on your Bremont wish list for 2013?

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    What's on your Bremont wish list for 2013?


    What are your wishes or expectations for 2013?

    During 2012, we've seen the World Timers, the Victory and of course the white SOLOs... But it seems the special projects and military people have had equal goodies in the shape of the Leander, Ecurie Ecosse, B2, North Sea SM500, B52 and of course the beautiful blue IAFDT.


    So, what do you think (or would like) Bremont to release / produce THIS year?

    For me, I'd personally like to see a couple of the military / special projects models make it over to the consumer market - I would ]have thought the Ecurie Ecosse would make a superb NEW variant on the ALT1-C and also the B2 would make a great press / attention grabbing watch, with it's military roots and cool contemporary feel.

    Of course we're likely to see the SM2000 very soon, it's been shown and talked about but as of yet not produced.

    As for a Ltd. Edition, well I'd love to see something new which is aviation based - so similar in style to the P-51 / EP120 - However I'd be equally impressed to see a limited version of a new watch, but perhaps something that is more accessible... Like a Limited SOLO or something.

    I guess the MBII could evolve into a GMT version - It's been talked about in the past and I think this could be a possibility in the future at some point.

    Of course, Bremont will more than likely come up with something totally NEW as they did last year (Who'd have predicted the VICTORY?) so it will be interesting to see what they do this year...

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    I agree completely with the idea of releasing some of the military and special project models. That B2 is amazing and the Leander looks great as well. I would jump all over the B2.

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    B2 looks good.

    How about a model based on the Lockheed C130J (The RAF was one of the lead customers around 12 years ago). The complex contour of the 6 bladed prop would make an interesting feature for a rotor decoration on the rear of the movement...

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    I am holding out for a plain 4 hand GMT. I would love a MB based GMT or a simple Solo GMT with a fixed 24 hour bezel, ie Explorer II. As my dad always said if we don't ask we won't get!!! Cheers Jim :-))
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    I'd like to see:
    -a rose gold SM or Solo
    -a special Alt1tude edition, a DLC MB2 would be awesome!
    -a special edition made from a modern aircraft
    -more strap options!
    No longer a fan boy...

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    …….or a Limited edition Concorde watch that you have to raise the cone-shaped cover from over the dial to tell the time and that runs faster than any other watch……..

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    Not to feed my addiction further.

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    My wish would be that they make a wrist version of the Jaguar XJ75 clock . . .but with some minor/major modifications. I would enlarge the 30 minute dial significantly(with tick marks for every minute) while reducing the running seconds dial. Then add a flyback function to the chronograph. I'd call it "Low Level DR" or something of the sort. Don't think Bremont has done a flyback yet ??



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    Quote Originally Posted by Whiz Wheel View Post
    I'm not sure about the layout on this, but I really love the polished case - something post Victory I hope we'll see on some more Bremont models

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    I would like to see/lust over/have a bold, simple GMT, an Alt1tude special edition MB II using a unique case colour and, on Whiz'z theme, Bremont should try out more dial colours/ numeral colours and case finishes. One of the things I like most about the watches is the sheer attention to detail. The numeral colours on my P51 are superb; such a good representation of the original aircraft's dials and they are like nothing else I've seen on other watches. They also match the stitching on the black kevlar-like strap that comes with it brilliantly. Bremont should do alot more work in this area as I think they have found a bit of a niche.
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