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Thread: Blue SM500

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    Blue SM500

    Appears to be quite difficult to capture the blue of the SM500... may have to keep trying!

    Bremont Supermarine 500 by Noodlefish, on Flickr

    Sapphire bezel by Noodlefish, on Flickr

    SuperLuminova(TM) by Noodlefish, on Flickr

    WOMW 10:01 by Noodlefish, on Flickr

    HEV by Noodlefish, on Flickr


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    Lovely photos Mat. As you know, I am totally undecided between the SM500 Blue and Black / Green - Both are stunning. I consider the Black / Green to be more 'classic' looking but in a world of black faced watches the Blue looks different!

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    ................would be silver for me!!!!
    great shots Mat!!

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