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Thread: Bremont MW Heli-Chrono now for SALE in the UK / USA!

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    Bremont MW Heli-Chrono now for SALE in the UK / USA!

    Exciting news..

    The Bremont MW Heli-Chrono which is the DLC coated ALT1-P watch developed in conjunction with HK Actor / Superstar Michael Wong is now being offered for sale in the UK / USA!!!

    Priced at 4,550 in the UK this model can currently be bought from Jura / CW Sellors here: Bremont Michael Wong MW Heli Chrono LE Watch

    UK and USA retailers have been so keen to sale this previously Hong Kong only edition that Bremont have opened the remaining watches for sale. There will only be 50 watches made in total making this a VERY sought after model and the ONLY DLC Chronograph model to have been released since the EP120 (Okay lets not forget it that lovely Red rotor as well )

    Please note that these watches are made to order, so it's unlikely you'll get chance to see one in person - so with that in mind here's a recap on photos from last year...

    (For anyone new to the forum, here's a quick review:

    Many thanks for viewing!

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    So awesome looking...the knurled crown and red rotor i especially like. Not a huge fan of the helicopter tail as the second hand on the sub-dial.

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    I love it, especially the helicopter tail.
    What a great addition to the collection.

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    This has seen in the UK Bremont Boutiques for a while now, I saw one over year ago.

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