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Thread: Supermarine S500 Silver

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    Supermarine S500 Silver

    This is probably the least seen of all the Supermarine models with people focussing more on the black and blue models - However this is a superb choice especially when matched with a stainless steel bracelet which compliments the dial nicely!

    Here's a detail (But not macro) shot of the dial...

    I like the way the Bremont bracelets join with the case, giving a different look to say the curved leather straps.

    Quick wrist shot...

    many thanks for viewing!

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    very nice photo.........well done !!

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    great looking watch, but prefer my divers on rubber or leather!!

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    love it on the rubber more!!
    but agreed its under rated for sure!

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    this watch is my first color choice for the Supermarine. it is absolutely stunning and combines the best of both being sporty and dressy. such a good looker. these pictures also happen to be the best ones i've seen taken of this color combo & the ones that caused me to fall in love with the Supermarine. many thanks.

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