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Thread: Bremont B2 Military Watch photos

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    Bremont B2 Military Watch photos

    Another recent military model from Bremont is the B2 Military Squadron watch. Taking it's design queues directly from the stealthy black B2 Bomber, this model is perhaps one of the most radical watch designs Bremont have produced - and certainly from my perspective the most interesting model to look at... it’s also a fav model with certain people at Bremont HQ!

    Like the majority of other military models, it's based again on the classic Bremont ALT1-Z watch design - however the matt black dial consists of very subtle dial markers - these are greyed out, however the use of red is used to great effect on the hands. Something interesting to note, is the '6' symbol (At 3H on the GMT dial) which is in Red and not clearly a 6 symbol but a Delta Sign (Thanks JWalker) . I do not know what this indicates (Possibly a code sign) but it is an interesting feature which I am sure is something the squadron wanted.

    Central to the dial is the 'barely there' stealth bomber graphic. I've managed to boost this for the photographs but in reality it really is camouflaged: In many ways it acts like the B2 itself - hidden away but always present!

    I hear that early design concepts saw the hands also being blacked out - however Bremont were keen to make the hands legible and look less like a fashion watch(!) - I agree and because of this the watch is still highly legible.

    On the wrist this watch is a real beauty - because of it's design, it's not going to appeal to everyone - it's not as classic looking as the B-52 but as a statement piece, particularly if you already had a ALT1-Z or MBII this is a watch which really makes a statement!

    Should Bremont ever release this (If any of their military watches do become civilian versions: this should probably be the one to do so) I can imagine it getting some fantastic press coverage - not only does it have the tested military accreditation, it's a bold and dramatic design which you can just imagine being featured in many Watch supplements and magazines.

    ** Remember - You cannot buy this watch ! **

    However of course, this may very well never been seen in public again, and like it's namesake will disappear from view but be ever present in the skies!

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    Fantastic pictures. You managed to capture all the dial details very well, per your usual efforts.
    One note: the "6" at 3 o'clock is a lower case "delta" symbol in the Greek alphabet. I inquired about it before and was told it had a meaning of "stealth" in the B-2 community? A great detail for the watch and the lucky military personnel who will get to wear this awesome timepiece. Would love to see the black leather strap with a grey or black stitch instead of the standard off-white color.
    Do you have any pictures of the rear case?
    I've said it before, but it Bremont releases a civilian version of this watch, it will draw a lot of interest. So unique and sexy looking.
    Thanks Piers!

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    Cheers J,

    I must of missed the meaning - thanks I'll re-edit the original post!

    The case back is quite normal - just DLC exhibition with silver movement - exactly as seen on the B-52. I must admit, having a black rotor like the U2 SE would have been the icing on the cake!

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    awesome design.....

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    B-2 in a T-38

    B-2 pilots are required to fly the T-38 Talon in addition to the B-2.
    Here are some shots of the Bremont B-2 being put to the test in a T-38!

    Sorry for the blurry photos - it's difficult to get a professional photographer in the jet...

    I am loving this watch. Bremont really outdid itself on this one!

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