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Thread: BREMONT party with GALIO, St. Albans

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    BREMONT party with GALIO, St. Albans

    I went along to St.Albans College on Thursday evening.
    A party hosted by GALIO for BREMONT.

    A great intimate party held in the College Library to welcome Galio as a new AD.
    Some beautiful watches, the original line along with the new U-2 range.

    Also got to talk for a while to Charley Boorman, Biker/Broadcaster/Explorer- top bloke and funny!

    here are a few pics:

    .......MBII de-construction!!

    display cabinets

    .....true Brit

    ALT 1-C, the anthracite dial is gorgeous


    ...the stunning U-2 Squadron (this one is for the 9th Recon Wing)

    .....public version

    .......a few beauties!!

    JT's concept ring for the MBII, which was well received by BREMONT, so fingers crossed for JT
    and BlackBadger composites!!

    ...........thanks for looking.

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    i love this U2 squadron ............and the BB ring !!!

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