I didn't attend the jump, but I couldn't miss the after jump Party in my local town!

Here's a few photos of the event.

This was held of course in beautiful Henley-on-Thames, South Oxfordshire - about 3 miles from the jump.

Gary and his wife own a lovely little cafe - which is were the party took place

I arrived early, and had a good talk with Garry - He was very inspiring and clearly a bit weary after the last few days of setting up and practising. Gary was showing footage of the jump from the view of the second person who jumped with him... The footage is stunning and unbelievably the helicopter was positioned right across the road about 1 mile from the actual boxes!

There was fantastic food, all made by the chefs and cooks at the place: Very good indeed!

Garry was in fine spirits, talking to most people and for what he had gone through - he seemed very chilled!

Then came time for the speech - More of a thanks really, Garry praise his wife, and the three people who helped him on this incredible journey!
There's Nick English in Front.

Then came a presentation of 3 Bremont SOLOs for Garry's valiant team! The lady taking the photographs told his ALL the UK press had taken the story today so it was a fantastic day for all!

Of course the night was't right without some kind of Wrist shot: Here's Chris (One of the organisers) and Sarah from bremont showing off their SOLOs!

It was really great to see nearly the whole Bremont team there... They're a great bunch of people and very passionate about their company and brand!

I'm guessing this is actually only the start of Garry's exploits and I'm sure we'll see more of him in the summer!