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Thread: Bremont retailers training day with Nick & Giles

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    Bremont retailers training day with Nick & Giles

    For those not on Twitter / Facebook here's a collection of photos from a training session attended by UK retailers at North Weald Airfield with Nick & Giles. When you think of training days, the thoughts of long sessions of Power Point slides... Well of course Nick & Giles have a very different way of training their retailers!

    All photos are 2012 Monika Kwiatek ( and a couple by Stephen Lee :-))

    Nick and Giles take to the sky

    Giles with Dan from the Watch Gallery

    Nick with Retailers

    The Harrods Team

    Nick sitting on the wing of the Broussard (Bremont Bus)

    A superb wrist shot! Never seen so many MBIIs and U2s together!

    Giles flying alongside the Broussard

    Flying over Bremont HQ in Henley
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    I'm one of the harrods team and I had an amazing time yesterday, absolutely amazing day out! I even got a go steering the bus! Just thought I'd say hello, let you know we have a nearly full range (including 2 limited pieces...!) and spreading the word that we carry and love this fantastic brand. We also have a cheeky sneak-peek surprise for one day only so pop in and say hello if you're about!




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    Welcome David! Looked like a fab day. I'd love to know what the cheeky sneak-peek is... !!

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    Had a great day with Nick, Giles, Stephen & Monika. They were generous and entertaining hosts as always and, of course, the flights were fantastic. Good to meet other Bremont retailers, some old friends and new. Thanks to all.

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