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Thread: The Bremont B52 Military Watch doing its job

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    The Bremont B52 Military Watch doing its job

    Posted on Bremont's Facebook page today, a great photo of one of the first B52 watches on the wrist of NATHAN C MOTT (Capt, USAF, B-52 FTU)

    I think the watch looks great! love the look of the cream markers!

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    Cool, great to see that the watch is being worn in service!

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    That is a way cool shot Maybe we can get that guy to join us hear, just think of all the cool pics of the different weapons configurations he could let us peak at! How about a shot on your other wrist with your hand on all those throttles! If anyone knows the guy, please invite him! Cheers Jim
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    I know this is old, but I was searching for info on the B-52 squadron watch and saw this awesome shot of one of these amazing watches in action.
    Great shot, great watch, great forum!

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