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Thread: A full MB II set!

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    A full MB II set!

    I think it is safe to say I am most definitely in the Pro camp for Bremont.

    After upgrading to the Vintage strap on my Bremont MBII, I managed to get hold of a matching Bremont keyring so I now have a full MB set!

    Look at the thickness of that strap, it's 0.5cm

    I'm happy to be a fanboy!

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    I want a keyring!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oracle View Post
    I want a keyring!!
    Yes me too! They always hide stuff when I go over to HQ

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alt1tude View Post
    Yes me too! They always hide stuff when I go over to HQ
    I can't complain they've been kind to me in the past. Makes me wonder what you've done that your reputation goes before you???

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    That's a beautiful strap mate! Arrg, I want an MBII!!

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    If u think those cufflinks are some you should see my soon...moleskin journal..Bremont shopping bag...autographed picture of Felix the Cat

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    And I met Caesar once, (Pause) in the Coliseum.....

    The Bremont Pocketwatch...

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    I'd love a keyring with a yellow barrel to go with my Selfridges.

    Oh and a black vintage strap. Hello? Bremont? Anyone listening?
    No longer a fan boy...

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    I asked about black vintage straps last week and they said the might possibly be available later this year but couldnt promise anything yet.

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