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Thread: New Bremont advertising campaign

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    Piers--was Bremont in on it with you? It looks so professionally done that I assumed they were. I sent Nick an email saying I had a good laugh over it. Will he even know what I'm talking about?? That was just awesome. If it weren't for the APR1-FL I would not have known...but would have thought Bremont was getting a bit off track!

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    No it was all my doing! It was actually in response to their 'Cheeky' Evening Standard photo they posted on Facebook (The man and the woman) - and then saying 'Thank you for all your comments judging by your response I can see an AD campaign brewing! Any ideas on the strap line for it??"

    I thought of 'Tasty beyond Endurance' but then thought actually 'Tasty Blonde Indulgence' sounds like their original strap line. (originally it was Indulgance as in Endurance but the spelling was wrong).

    So I went and got a pic of a 'sexy' pilot girl placed this over a plane shot then masked out the watch placed a watch on her as well and merged it all in black & white.

    Here's the working file - before going black and white - you'll notice she's got pink hair! I sent it to Bremont and said they should run it as an April fool, but they either decided against it or were more focussed on the news about the Wingman... So I decided to drop it here and on ATG.

    Glad you enjoyed - I think it would have got a better response if April 1 had been a work day though (traffic tends to drop off at the weekend)

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