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Thread: Rn merlin watch

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    Rn merlin watch

    My newish RN Merlin is in for repair after approx 8 months of ownership. The watch strap retaining lug came unscrewed whilst on a skiing holiday. Very very fortunate not to have lost the watch, as the watch remained trapped inside my ski jacket once the strap separated. I have had a reply from the service centre saying that it occurred because of a manufacturing anomaly and will be repaired. However the scratches on the side of the case will not be polished out.
    I remain unconvinced about the term manufacture anomaly and tend more towards design flaw or quality control issue. The curved pin going into a cup shaped retaining lug must impact the side and with friction under constant wear, can only have one result.
    I am nervous about wearing the watch again for fear of a repeat and so what guarantee do i have that the watch strap securing is fit for purpose.
    The watch strap was changed on first purchase, but as I hadnít received the full set of tools that are normally supplied, it was done by the jewellers in southampton


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    Rn merlin watch

    Richard, welcome.

    Sorry to hear about the issue.

    Was this the Merlin watch based on the Boeing 247 GMT? If so, Iím surprised to hear of the strap failure, given itís the Ďboltí that needs to be undone - so I may suspect a QC issue with those parts.

    I would probably push for a full resolution, presuming then watch is under warranty - the scratches will just further detract from your love of the watch in the future.
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    I think that the term 'manufacturing anomaly' is a fair comment but it does need some context. QC does avoid a lot off these problems finding their way into products in the market place but it doesn't prevent everything. If it did there would be no need for warranties at all.

    If I were in your position I would ask exactly what the issue was so that you can feel confident that the issue has been resolved. I am very surprised that given Bremont are acknowledging that it's a manufacturing fault and that the watch is relatively new, that they aren't swapping out the case for you. I could be wrong but I'm sure that they've done that kind of thing in the past for customers.

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    Many thanks for your adviceÖ.
    I fhought this forum was asking Bremont management for responses so hopefully they will reply tomorrow?

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    Thanks for your responses
    I thought this forum went direct to Bremont management so was aiming for a response from them on here. Is that correct?

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