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    MBII Savanna!

    Quote Originally Posted by theancientmariner View Post
    This is one of those moments when I think 'hmmmm'. There are aspects of this watch that I really like and others that I'm really not so sure about. The dial and general appearance of the front of the watch I really like. I like the titanium aspect although I do wonder how much weight saving there will actually be as there doesn't seem to be a massive amount of titanium. The display case back I'm slightly surprised at. The design of the watch suggests a military tool watch - with a display case back? The strap I would swap out immediately, most likely for a NATO. My final concern is the 'tactical coating' of the titanium. I wonder how easily it might scratch?

    overall I like it but it's not a must have, may be a 7/10 or 8/10?

    curiously, for a brand that prides itself on being British, they've used the American spelling of Savanna. The British spelling is Savannah.

    what do you think J?

    as an aside, after you mentioned a silver Tudor on the Bremont Fans Facebook page I had a look online. I really like that watch! Oops, did I really say that out loud!
    Fully agree, actually.

    I do like the newly re-tooled rotor, and indeed the Titanium case, but I have reservations about why it wasn’t left as ‘raw’ Ti, and why it was coated..

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