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Thread: Newark Market Town, UK - Andrew Michaels

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    Newark Market Town, UK - Andrew Michaels

    Out shopping with my wife last week (she was having her engagement altered) and I was surprised to find this jeweller stocking Bremont: Andrew Michaels.

    I asked about the Longitude and they said it would be stocked. Just visited the Bremont website and the Longitude is showing POA.

    38/39 Stodman St
    NG24 1AW
    United Kingdom

    Telephone: 01636 679638

    Has anyone any experience of using them, they appeared very friendly?
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    Andrew Michaels used to run the airshow boutiques and hospitality for Breitling, alongside being their ‘go-to’ place to run their Special Projects style watches.

    That is the limit of my involvement with them, but they always seemed friendly and trustworthy. I would not hesitate to use them if the opportunity arose.

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