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Thread: Looking to sell EP120

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    Looking to sell EP120

    I have a EP120 that I am looking to sell.

    Has any one any advice were is the best place to sell this and what sort of money is it worth.

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    Looking to sell EP120

    First off, what a Bremont to have the pleasure of owning! Iím sorry to hear that you want to try and sell, but Iím sure youíll have not much trouble. It is, after all, arguably the most desired Limited Edition Bremont ever made.

    I would suggest trying to sell here, we often get people looking for specific watches. Also, you could try the ĎBremont Fansí Facebook too - there are well over 2000 people on that page alone. Aside from that, you can always try Chrono24, it is always a popular site for selling high end watches and protects both parties well throughout the process.

    In terms of price, I would suggest £18-20k. You can search back on the forum for previous examples that have sold on the forum for an idea of which end of that scale you think suits your example.

    Best of luck.


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    I sold mine 6 years ago for 15K, which i thought was a decent price for both me and the buyer. personally i think this is about the peak price for them unless you get a special buyer were money is no concern. I would think long and hard about selling though as from time to time I do regret selling it.
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    My mate swears by Bramly's in Salisbury if in uk. They charge a set price for using their showroom and Internet platform.

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