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Thread: Bracelet on a Jaguar watch

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    Bracelet on a Jaguar watch

    Something I was thinking about one evening. Has anyone ever fitted a bracelet to a Bremont Jaguar watch, either a Bremont bracelet or one from another manufacturer? I did an internet search for pictures and couldn't seem to find any so if it has been done, it doesn't seem to be a very common option?

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    Good question - I've certainly never seen it done and would certainly be intrigued to see any pictures anyone has!


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    I've been told from a reliable source that Bremonts own bracelet does fit the Jaguar watches but the finish on the polished case of the 'standard' Jaguar watches doesn't match the bracelet and so while it would fit, it doesn't look right. Apparently the limited edition D-type watch with its satin case is a closer match but still not ideal.

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