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Thread: Bottom 3 Bremont - which are your least favourite

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    I don’t have a least favourite Bremont , some models appeal to me more then others but I have not seen a ugly Bremont as yet.
    There in lies the dilemma. The way I look at is it is this. If someone put every Bremont watch in front of you and asks you to choose your favourite, then removes that watch and asks you to pick again, you inevitably end up with a least favourite. There's nothing at all to stop you liking every Bremont model but having one you like the most and one you like the least. It's not an easy task (in my opinion) and that's why I started the thread. A top three thread is fairly easy, a bottom three thread is a lot more tricky.

    I agree with your last comment, I don't think there is an ugly Bremont. There are very few models that I don't like but none that I think are ugly.

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    A few of the earlier models just wasnt to my tastes

    Bc-s2 the ATG

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