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Thread: FS : Straps (Tan, Brown, Nubuck, NATO, etc.)

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    FS : Straps (Tan, Brown, Nubuck, NATO, etc.)

    Straps for sale!

    Hey folks -

    Doing some early spring cleaning so I have some extra 22mm straps on offer. Prices are below and in the picture.

    • Tan 1 - $125
    • Tan 2 - $125
    • Brown 1 - $125
    • Blue - $125
    • Nubuck - $125
    • Brown 2 - $75
    • Deployant - $150
    • Black & Blue Nato - $50
    • Leather NATO w/ Tang Buckle - $75

    • I am located in the Southeastern US so straps will ship from there. I will likely use USPS small flat rate bubble mailers. If you're in the US I'll cover shipping. If you're outside of the states shoot me a message and I am sure we can converge on a solution to get you what you want.

    If interested, please feel free to contact me via DM on ALT1TUDE, via email (, or on Instagram (@huntsvillehorologist).

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    A few lovely straps there, Stewphill - best of luck with selling them.


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    Quote Originally Posted by RedsBluesGreens View Post
    A few lovely straps there, Stewphill - best of luck with selling them.


    Everything is still available. If there is one in particular anyone likes let me know and we can work on the pricing.

    Edit: I have gotten some questions and all of the straps are medium size.
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    Are all these still available?

    Just thought I'd check as it's a month since the last update was posted

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