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Thread: 10 years today with this...

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    10 years today with this...

    I've had this 10 years today - the old style logo, Swiss made on the dial and 2.5 minute markers on the sub dial at 3 o'clock. I love this watch.

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    Mine says Swiss, too!
    Glad to be part of the old man club

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    Lovely watch , thanks for sharing. Mine says London on the dial. Is this an aftermarket strap?

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    Rich, great to see you're still here! How are you doing? I'm a member of the 'Swiss' club too, with my S500!


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    ^^^ Thanks Jake! I look here most days but find I have less time to post!

    Farhad19620 - that's a good looking 'C (and strap) too! It is an aftermarket strap - from "Toshi" - I almost always take off the original strap and put something else on. There's a scratch on the case back from where I slipped with the strap change tool once so it's not without risk!

    TexZan - that's one magnificent watch!

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