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    Alt1 ZT/BK

    The time has come to post this piece to the forum in search for someone who will get more from the Bremont than I do.

    Iíve had this watch for 3 years and bought it new from Topper Jewelers in California (even though Iím from Canada ó thereís very few boutiques up here and next to no support). I am quite tough on my watches and this Bremont has had a hard life. However, it remains very accurate (within COSC), but the case is weathered.

    Those of you who read my posts on here will know Iíve a love-hate relationship with Bremont, but I had to swap the strap (yet again) to the nato to go out Christmas tree hunting today (and will have to swap it back to the strap tomorrow for work). I canít be done with all this messing about with straps and just want my bracelet watch back. In addition, the piece is too big, too bulky, too hard to read the gmt hand, and has no travellerís gmt function (so itís annoying to use when I travel (not that much if that has happened recently))!

    Iíve the full set, several Bremont straps, a Bremont NATO, original receipts, and some third party things as well. It comes with two books, the original box, leather pouches and pouch bag. Iíve the original spring bar tool (though the fine tip broke off the first time I used it).

    The watch has a few marks on the case conducive with a working life, and there may be a tiny scratch to the crystal (itís small, so Iím never quite sure if itís there or not).

    Iíve tried to trade it in on other pieces this last year or so, but I canít seem to give it away in such deals. Price is somewhat firm at $2750US. I refuse to lose my hat on the piece in only 3 years.

    Location: Lethbridge, Alberta. Will ship anywhere I can insure the package. Shipping and import duties at your own cost

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