A topic I've seen plenty of discussion about on this forum and others. What is it about Bremont.....that brings out such opposing viewpoints. What is it about Bremont...... that means the residual value of their watches is quite low yet the comparable build quality with other mainstream brands is quite high. What is it about Bremont..... that they bring out some of the most spectacular looking limited edition watches and yet despite being British, the average British watch buyer will look at Rolex, Tag and Omega in a store window and almost completely ignore the Bremont display.

There's no argument that Bremont make outstanding watches, the build quality is superb and the customer service could be regarded as second to none. Yet they launch a new watch and online comments inevitably comment on the selling price, the supposedly poor marketing bs and comments about where the name came from. It happens almost every time. Those who like Bremont defend them, those who don't condemn them, yet there doesn't seem to be a middle ground?

Bremont are also now available on the high street, yet watch passing customers at a jewellers window and see how many stop to look at the Bremont stand. Inevitably they drift toward the more 'known' brands. Odd, simply because even at a glance, the Bremont watches appear more solidly built and aesthetically appealing than the competition (in my opinion).

Then we get to residual values. Barring a few exceptions, the value of the watches tend to fall quite rapidly. Not necessarily more so than some other watch brands but enough to put off a lot of people buying new. I've often heard of people commenting that you should never pay full price for a Bremont as the pre-owned price is so much more affordable.

My personal opinion of Bremont watches is that they are among the best, if not the best at their price point. I've yet to see a better looking dress watch than the DH-88, a better 'casual' watch than the MBII, a better all round watch than the ALT1-C and anything to top the 1918, Supersonic and Hercules Platinum as limited edition 'collector' pieces (I could add a few others under the LE banner as well). The customer service is astounding and the staff at the various boutiques make you want to call in as you pass simply just to say hello. Yes, the watches are quite highly priced for the average person in the street but that's the point, they're something that the average person in the street may own one day but possibly not right now. That person will be looking in a jewellers window thinking that one day they'll possibly own a Tag, an Omega, a Mont Blanc, a Grand Seiko.... or if they're really 'lucky', a Rolex. but what about Bremont.....?