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Thread: NOS Alligator strap and bits...

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    FS. Discounted NOS Bremont Alligator strap and Erika Originals bits...

    I am just clearing my desk and going through my drawers of projects and parts, scroll down to see all items.

    Payments with Paypal to or
    2 x Bremont leather travel cases pre owned with some use. Bremont do not sell them any more I think...

    Silver button one is 45 UK Free Shipping 50 Inc Free International shipping
    Brass button version is 55 UK Free shipping 50 Inc Free International shipping

    IMG_8884 by Alistair Gibbons, on Flickr

    IMG_8883 by Alistair Gibbons, on Flickr

    Bremont Alligator Mens strap 22mm Brand new..
    Comes un worn in bremont strap box including polished Bremont buckle
    Total 275 Free shipping in the UK add 10 for International

    Payments with Paypal to or

    RRP is 350 without buckle.

    IMG_8886 by Alistair Gibbons, on Flickr

    IMG_8885 by Alistair Gibbons, on Flickr

    IMG_8887 by Alistair Gibbons, on Flickr

    These straps came to me from a shoot with the brand last year and Erika is aware I am selling them.

    the Straps are new and have not been worn.... they are the standard length with their widths marked and the straps have their own numbers, please specify. NB. I have measured them pretty tight but they are half a mm but I think they have just been in storage and will stretch out again and they fit my Bremonts fine...

    The straps are 25% Off at 50 each + 5 shipping.

    Payment using Paypal to

    Email me for multiple purchase shipping discount

    strap-sold by Alistair Gibbons, on Flickr

    strap-yellow by Alistair Gibbons, on Flickr
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    Are those pouches the same ones that come with the watches or are they different? If different, do you have a pic of the inside?

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    not the same these ones were for travelling with two watches.

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    email me for pictures.... if they are not displaying

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    Happy to take offers..A

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    Christmas Bump!

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