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Thread: AVI8 P51 Mustang watch

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    Hi, has anyone looked at the AVI 8 watches? I see they have a p51 Mustang watch. Can afford a Bremont one. thank steve

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    Hi Steve, welcome to the forum!

    The Bremont P-51 is undoubtably one of the 'holy grails' for many Bremont collectors, so we do like to hear about alternatives! That said, you may have popped along to the wrong forum to find advice AVI-8, but I can't be sure. Personally, I can't speak for the watch but having just read the ABTW review, it doesn't seem too bad. You can find that, here.

    Thanks for joining us.

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    I like the look of one of the AVI-8 Mustang watches and for someone budgeting at that price point they may well be a nice watch. The Bremont P-51 is in a completely different league though.

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