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Thread: Watch shopping in London at the present time

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    Watch shopping in London at the present time

    It's occurred to me that Bremont have only opened the Mayfair boutique so far and neither the Royal Exchange nor Canary Wharf boutiques are open at the moment (as far as I'm aware) so it made me wonder, for someone visiting London at the present time, what's it currently like for watch shopping. Are all the open boutiques (Bremont and others) operating on an appointment only basis or are they open to walk ins. How busy is ir?

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    Shopping with a mask on is the worst thing ever and I was used to wearing one at work when the environment dictated until I decided to retire during lockdown, not something I was expecting to do once work was finished.
    Nipped down to Chester for a day out yesterday,, trying to have a day out each week for something to do, Kendal last week Clitheroe the week before, just to give a little support to local towns and cities, we were going to go to Skipton but local outbreaks put a hold on that, now Preston is looking vulnerable so starting to get a bit restricted on destinations.
    I walked straight into a jewelers yesterday no problem, just like any other shop wearing the dreaded mask of course and hands sanitised, but then you go for lunch and sit for an hour or so with nothing but your details taken, strange times indeed,

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    I've done a fair amount of visiting local towns so far but not had a trip to any major cities, London of course being the main one of those as that's where the Bremont boutiques are

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