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Thread: Expensive and attractive Packaging Vs Simple?

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    Question Expensive and attractive Packaging Vs Simple?

    This question is quite simple and there can be two possible answers One is I don't care about packaging It's the watch I wear.
    Or it can be packaging matters..!
    What do you think? Is packaging important or not?
    Like, If you have spent a fair amount on a watch, would you prefer it to be cheaper by using less obstantatious watch boxes and packaging etc, I suppose if you're paying a few grand for a rolex/bermont or some other brand its not going to be much of a concern, do you like flashy and expensive presentation or low key and cheaper.

    Just for knowledge..!
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    Welcome to the forum, Sleve. Do introduce yourself, we're a friendly bunch, I promise! Do you own any Bremont at the moment?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sleve Hope View Post
    I suppose if you're paying a few grand for a rolex
    Where can I get a Rolex for a few grand!?


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    I think it should match the style of the watch and brand itself. If it's a very colorful and ornate watch, I wouldn't expect it to come in a plain white "iPhone" box.

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