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Thread: Hello There...! Have You Ever Lost Your Watch?

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    Question Hello There...! Have You Ever Lost Your Watch?

    I know it hurts when you lost your watch but due to our irresponsible behaviours we have lost many of them in our lives. How many of them have you lost till now?
    I have lost 10's of my precious watches till now.

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    Cool Lost... and found!

    Was diving last year in Bali, surfacing after the 2nd dive of the day was done and had to remove gear in the water and hand up to boat captain. I felt a snag while I was removing my BCD, but twisted my arm/shoulder a little and everything was good. Got in the boat last and was quickly headed back to shore, 20 minutes ride away. Halfway back and I went to reset the bezel on my Seiko PADI turtle (SRP21A) and found that it wasn't on my wrist! My dive computer was still on my other wrist. Figured that the snag must have been my BCD getting caught on my watch and somehow yanking it off. It was on a beefy Seiko silicone dive strap. Pretty bummed about that, but also thankful it was not one of my other dive watches that I occasionally rotate through, and that it was also the cheapest of the group AND the easiest one to replace if so desired.

    Dive Master said she would go back after lunch and take a look at our exit point. It was over a sandy patch and her & the boat captain "knew exactly" where we came up! I knew they weren't using GPS, and while this was what they did for a living, wasn't overly confident. I said I'd appreciate it but wouldn't be able to go myself due to prior commitments.

    Returned to the hotel that evening to find my watch sitting on the table waiting for me!! Couple of scratches on the face and bezel, and a broken strap. The buckle had been ripped from the strap, thought for sure it would have been one of the pins, even though they were the thicker ones I'd specifically bought for the strap and purpose of diving! Other than that it was in fine condition! Thought about replacing the crystal and the bezel as there are lots of Seiko mod options out there, but this trip was a 25th anniversary special for the wife and myself. Every time I look at the "scars" on that watch it brings back the awesome memories of the trip. So for now, at least, the marks stay and the watch is in regular rotation!!

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    Mferraby, welcome to the forum - and what a story to kick off with! Do you own any Bremont at the moment, or are you simply a fan of the brand?


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