I know that our main focus isn't watches at the moment but at the same time we're all going to need something to keep us occupied over the coming weeks and months so I've decided to start a new thread to discuss the three new watches just launched by Bremont.

Project Possible LE - https://www.bremont.com/collections/...oject-possible

ALT1-C Griffon - https://www.bremont.com/collections/...alt1-c-griffon

ALT1-P2-JET - https://www.bremont.com/products/alt1-p2-jet-bracelet

My own thoughts - I really like the the look of the bezel on the Project Possible LE and the fact that it's bronze is a nice touch. As a stand alone watch it's a stunner and very desirable. My issue with it is that it's far too much like the Endurance. If you don't already own the Endurance and are looking for something similar then it's a good buy but if you do own the Endurance then I think you would struggle to justify the PP LE. The ALT1-C Griffon is growing on me daily and I'm really looking forward to seeing it in person in the coming months. It's stylish and a worthy addition to the ALT-C range and I would go so far as to say it's one of the better looking watches in the range, especially if you like the vintage appearance. The ALT1-P2-JET is somewhat 'Marmite'. I think some people will absolutely love it and others won't. I like it, especially with a bracelet but its also one I would never buy. I don't think I could wear it as it's too 'shouty'. It's more Arnold Schwarzenegger than George Clooney if you follow what I mean.

I'm sure that others won't agree with me so I'll look forward to hearing your thoughts.