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Thread: Interview with Piers Berry - Alt1tude Founder

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    Interview with Piers Berry - Alt1tude Founder

    Hey all!

    We wanted to share with you this new interview with our Alt1ude Forum founder, Piers Berry!

    Piers was instrumental in the early success of this forum and has continued to be a friend to us over the years.

    Please have a look at the PDF below.



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    I like the answer about leaving the forum in 2013 due to other commitments. Wasn't it starting Pinion in direct competition to Bremont?! I must have been on this forum from early on!

    Edit: my join date was 03-10-2011 according to my profile!
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    Was always a pleasure in dealing with Piers. I even have one of his Pinion t-shirts.

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    Great article and thank you Piers!

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    A very interesting read, thank you for posting it.

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