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    Back in 2016 this Henley on Thames outfit got a mention in these pages for quite what I no longer remember. Today they have been in the national press here and in Scotland as they are moving their operations to Perth due to Brexit. The story generated quite a bit of coverage which I thought strange because I have not heard of them since 2016 - they make mechanical watches I understand. Does anyone have any news about them?

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    They get a bit of a mention on the TZ forum but I don’t know much about them. I can imagine why they’d move, being based in Henley they were going to be swamped by the Bremont brand, especially with the new HQ. I think their excuse about Brexit is a nice PR move and nothing else. Given they already had a base in Perth it was no hardship to move all of their operations to Perth. If a lot of their parts are imported and not manufactured over here then they may be concerned about duties and delays. However, given that Scotland is part of the UK and will be for the foreseeable future, there’s no immediate benefit to the move so it seems pointless from a purely business perspective. i suspect that it’s more about being ‘hidden’ by Bremont rather than being a problem arising from Brexit

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