Hey Everybody,

With the expanding timepiece marketplace, there are several avenues to Bremont ownership. I'm curious about how and where our membership chooses to make a watch purchase!

Do you use an Authorized Dealer? If so, who do you use and why? Are they local to you, or is the AD located elsewhere? Tell us about your good experiences so that we can continue to support the AD's who go above and beyond for their clients!
Have you purchased a watch directly from a Bremont Boutique? If so, which location and how was your experience?
Perhaps you purchased a watch from Bremont's website? In 2019, Bremont began selling straight from their site to customers. Has anyone done this?
Are you a Military or Special Projects customer who has purchased from that branch of Bremont?
Many of you have probably purchased a Bremont on the second hand market as well, maybe even through this forum? Can you provide us with any information on that experience? Would you purchase this way again?

Would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on how you guys prefer to purchase your watches.