Hey Everyone!

As another thread alluded to, we expect to be hearing some news regarding Townhouse 2020 and are anxious to see what Nick and Giles have been planning to release this year!

That being said, I'm curious as to what our Alt1tude community is wanting to see from Bremont this year? In other words, if YOU were designing the perfect Bremont watch to be released this year, please share with us what it would be like!
What size would it be?
What colors?
What primary and secondary strap would you mount the watch on?
Which complication would you build around?
Are there any unique features that would make the watch technically different than the rest?
Who would you choose to be an Ambassador for this watch, and why would you choose them?

I always love to hear predictions and compare them to what ACTUALLY comes out, but this will add a bit of fun while we await more news for the 2020 releases.