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Thread: Is there a Townhouse event in 2020?

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    Quote Originally Posted by awildermode View Post
    Kinda off topic, but maybe not. There seems to be some sort of "New Bremont HQ" under construction, according to Nick's Instagram Stories.
    It's been a long time coming and I think has suffered a number of hold ups but it looks great in pictures. If it is due to open in June then it would be nice to have the next historical LE launch there (assuming there is one of course).

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    Quote Originally Posted by theancientmariner View Post
    I'll disagree with you there. I suspect with the cost associated with an in-house movement, that even if it does make it into watches this year, which I'm doubtful of, it will only appear in a top end limited edition model. It will inevitably find its way into the other models eventually but over a few years. it will have to from a cost effective point of view.

    p.s. I think your watch is great.
    Thanks Mariner. But I'll respectfully disagree with your point on the movement. To design a movement meant only for top shelf watch editions seems ill-advised to me. It makes more sense that, factoring in the related R&D costs, you need to put it into watches that will sell in large volumes. Bremont isn't an investor-owned company that can afford such a luxury at this moment. Plus Swatch is again looking to limit ETA sales to non-Swatch brands once again.

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    I think you misunderstood my post. A in-house movement will inevitably find it's way into the volume watch models, it has to as you mentioned for cost effectiveness reasons. However, it will also inevitably start out in the more high end and probably LE watches. If you think about Bremonts previous 'exotic' movements, the BWC/01 was only in the Wright Flyer, AC35 and Jaguar Mk1 watches, of those only the Jaguar Mk1 was a non limited edition but still around 9k. The latest movement, the BWC/02 is only in the current Hercules H-4 limited edition models.

    You're comment about Bremont not being an investor owned company is an interesting one. I don't know the exact shareholder status in Bremont but one of the Company Directors is also Director of an investment company (I think he's the current Bremont M.D.?). Any company requiring an amount of investment on the scale of Bremonts (new HQ and investing in machinery to make their own movement) will inevitably have to make compromises.

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