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Thread: The 1947 collection

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    Quote Originally Posted by theancientmariner View Post
    My reference was more toward the residual/pre-owned value of the watches. I'm certain that the purchasers of the watches when new will be the older generations. However, should they choose to sell in years to come, may be the value of the watches won't hold very well as the younger generations will have little interest - not knowing (or caring) who Ronnie Wood is.
    Now, (unlike other Bremont LE pieces) you’ll always have the intrinsic value of the small Ronnie Wood artwork and the precious metal, but aside from that, you could well be correct.

    This has been a very interesting debate, good work!


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    A comment on Instagram today made me smile. A post by Bremont of the 'Tide' watch from the 1947 collection and one of the comments was;

    "Kudos for innovative partnerships and I'm (sure) they'll sell, but that's just awful.

    not a potential customer then.

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