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Thread: Watch storage

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    Watch storage

    The forum looks to have been very quiet this past week so I thought I would add a new post to keep the conversations flowing.

    So, how do you store your watch or collection? There are so many watch boxes and winders out there that it's difficult to choose and know what's good, bad or sublime. What happens if your collection grows beyond the storage that you have, are there storage facilities for larger collections?

    I noticed this online today -

    Now that's for a serious collector!

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    Watch storage

    Thanks for that - Iíve been away and busy, and the forum seems to have slowed down in terms of people visiting and/or posting, sadly. The Bremont fans FB Page has really taken off though, itís a shame we canít get some of those on to the forum. Itís over 1300 members now, with 119 posts and 783 comments last month...

    Anyway, on to the topic. I have a three watch box I was given several years ago, I canít remember the make. At the moment, my other watches are all in their boxes, and I would like a larger box, but Iíve not found one that I like enough to buy. Suggestions welcome!

    I donít bother with a watch winder, as I donít really see the point *for me* - but I can see the point for others. Thereís a pool of thought that says they actually produce more wear on the watch as it is constantly running, but Iím on the fence in that argument!


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    Sign of the times I'm afraid. Forums are no where near as popular as the social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. I think it's probably ease of access but also that they're designed to attract as many people to the platforms as possible where as people on forums tend to be a little more pro active. There are even Bremont staff posting on Facebook who don't post on the forum. Shame.

    I actually like the look of the Wolf watch boxes. So many different styles to choose from though!

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