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Thread: H-4 Hercules / Spruce Goose - Bremont 2019 LE

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    Quote Originally Posted by Argo View Post
    I like the sub dial. It looks great. I also think that, from the photos, the platinum version looks the best.

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    I think the platinum was the best selling on the night (from what I was told) - and no surprise, that dial is just magical.


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    Good looking LE but very similar to the Wright Flyer with the sub dial. Will be interested to see how these sell vs re-sell value.

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    That was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the pictures of the watch before seeing the watch itself. It does instantly remind you of the Wright Flyer until you see it in person. Once you see it in person however, the detailing is so different, especially on the Rose Gold and Platinum models that I would even suggest it makes the Wright Flyer look slightly dated. It should though as it's a progression. I still really like both!

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    Well, the Hercules stainless steel version has been released as we've seen from the pictures posted on this forum. The packaging look amazing too, there's a short video on Instagram showing the box being opened. Unfortunately it seems that we won't be seeing either the rose gold or platinum versions until well into the new year. The best things in life.......

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