Hey Guys,

We are fast approaching the 2019 Bremont LE launch and the excitement is building!
There will be a London based launch party on October 9th when we will first get to see what Nick and Giles have been working on. I know a few of you have plans to attend and I hope you will give us a report on how it went!

For those of us in the USA, Giles English and Mike Pearson will be visiting NYC, Houston, and Los Angeles for three separate launch events, and they’d love to see you there!

Please find invitations below to the events, and if you’d like to attend, please RSVP at the email address found on the invite.

October 10 - NYC

October 12 - Houston

October 15 - Los Angeles/Hollywood

Hope some of you guys can attend and enjoy the festivities surrounding the big reveal!


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