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An interesting question and this is my Two Pennyworth on the subject.
The Victory watch is one of the best Limited Editions that Bremont have done in my opinion. The case restyling was great and the retrograde seconds hand was quite captivating to watch if you're lucky enough to have handled one. I have always been interested in the history of the Napoleonic Wars and Nelson's victory at Trafalgar secured our island and the reputation of the British Navy up until recent years. I was lucky enough to be on board HMS Victory for the launch of the watch and could only marvel at the conditions the sailors and Marines had to live in given that mostly they were conscripts.
My only reservation about the watch was that the case wasn't hardened.
BUT in global historical terms the Wright Flyer has greater context. I bet everyone who has ever posted on this great Forum has flown or been a passenger in an aeroplane. That is the legacy of Orville and Wilbur Wright. I have.
However I've never knowingly sunk a French or Spanish Battleship!! The Victory has limited Global appeal (particularly in France & Spain!) Nelson (and Wellington) had a better approach to Brexit than any of the bunch running these countries today.
Having said that The Wright Flyer was of no historical interest to me. Also it's announcement, sadly, was a nadir in the Bremont story that turned away a lot of watch collectors and those people are like elephants - they never forget.
Doubtless there will be others for whom the Wright Flyer is "THE" watch, but not me.
And surely, for the brand, it's a good thing if prices are high on the secondary market.
I second the Oracle. Great post.

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