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Thread: SE301 Caseback

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    SE301 Caseback

    Hello all,

    We hope everyone is enjoying your new SE301s! We are so very pleased with how they turned out!

    Some of you may have noticed that the caseback engravings were slightly altered from the advertised plans. Specifically, on the rear case we had planned to replace the “SUPERMARINE” text with “SE301 XX/30” and then have an entire space on the caseback for a personal engraving.

    The caseback supplier unfortunately used a preliminary caseback plan rather than the final caseback plan that Bremont supplied them with when we locked in the final details of the SE301 in December of 2018.

    When the casebacks arrived to Bremont HQ for watch building, testing, and dispatch, the error was noted and we were tasked with deciding how to handle this issue. We all felt that the best course of action was to continue with building and shipping of the watches as they were, so as to get them delivered and on your wrists in a timely manner. Unfortunately, waiting on the correct case back would have set back the delivery another two months.

    As this was an error on the part of the caseback supplier, they have agreed to correct the issue by making 30 new SE301 casebacks with the original/corrected layout.
    These casebacks are expected to be delivered to Bremont by August 2019. At that time, Bremont will need to get your SE301 back for a brief period to swap the caseback out and retest the watch for accuracy. The process should not take long. If you would prefer to wait for a future service, that shouldn’t be a problem.

    While it’s not an ideal situation, the team at Bremont Special Projects have gone above and beyond to get the issue sorted to the complete satisfaction of the SE301 project team. Please accept our apologies in regards to the issue, and know that there is a plan in place to make it right and keep to the original design plans.

    In the meantime, we hope you continue to enjoy your SE301s and we certainly appreciate your support and understanding.

    Jeremy and Jake

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    Thanks for the new info Jeremy. I like the revised version (or original).

    I have yet to get mine, just sent Bremont a mail and said would delay until August.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildrover View Post
    Thanks for the new info Jeremy. I like the revised version (or original).

    I have yet to get mine, just sent Bremont a mail and said would delay until August.
    As you can imagine, Jerry, this little issue caused some issues and mild panic between us! Thanks for being so understanding.


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    Cool no worries - thanks for letting us know

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    No worries and it is all good!

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