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If you paid with PayPal or through Chrono24 you should have no issue getting your money back. If itís the $2000 one from Hong Kong on C24 you bought that seller apparently has another one up. Brand new with some but not all the papers is always a thing with fake Rolexes. The Jaguar Bremonts I mentioned yesterday are also coming out of Hong Kong and those listings are only the ones I can see now. That seller has been doing it for months. I thought because of flaky buyers on eBay but given this thread and the S500 thread Iím beginning to suspect otherwise. Itís not that hard to get a good deal on an MBII or just about any Bremont for that matter if youíre on eBay or Watchrecon. Given this crap, Iíd look for one from a US seller with papers indicating a sale at US retailer. I bought a U2/T for $1750 in the last year on eBay so unless you paid $1k the deal you got wasnít that exceptional. Regular MBIIs go for $2250-2500 frequently.
Thank you!!

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