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Thread: Ahoy, gents!

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    Ahoy, gents!

    It’s been quite a long time, so I’m posting a reintroduction. I was active on the site at the time of its launch, and had been over at ATG quite a bit before that. With the advent of Instagram I’ve just not been very active on the various watch fora lately. I reckon it’s time to dip a toe back in the water.

    Anyway, I’m Matt, from Los Angeles in SoCal. I’ve been afflicted with the watch bug for over 20 years, now. Present lineup includes a mess of Seikos from the basic SKX up to GS. I have or have had multiples of IWC divers, a few Rolex and Tudor models, Sinn, Breitling, and others to include Bremont. I was an early adopter of the brand here in the States, from the time when Nick himself was telling the brand before they hired Mike P. I’m presently without a Bremont in my watchbox. But that’s going to change sooner rather than later. 😎

    I am “mattmcd_gmt” on IG. Have a great week, everyone!
    At present:

    Bremont MBII #18x
    Damasko DC66
    Seiko skx007k
    Seiko skx171 PMMM in progress
    Sinn EZM-3
    IWC AT2000 Ti
    TAG/Heuer Pro
    Tutima Military Chronograph

    Still calling me:

    Seiko Cocktail Time
    Bremont SM500
    Sinn U1
    Nomos Club
    Rolex GMT Master

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    Matt, hello - I’ve just spotted your post elsewhere on Social Media telling me that you’ve posted here!

    It’s great to have you back, and hopefully that Bremont will appear back in the stable very shortly!


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    Great to have you back, Matt! Love your current rotation on IG. Hope we can grab those beers in April!


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