What do you see when you look at your watch? For many, it is just the time. If you are a techie, than you are probably looking at your step count, or listening to music, or even answering another text message. For me, a lover of mechanical timepieces (my first being a Popeye watch, as a kid I always marveled that he was holding a open can of spinach), I see memories. I often relive my family vacations to #Ireland when I glance at my Bremont Alt1-ZT 51. Turf fires, pints of Guinness and most importantly a bit of craic with friends and family. When I view my Halios Seaforth, I can smell to ocean air at the Jersey shore, I can hear the kids laughing as the waves crash upon the shore, I can taste the clam bake dinners. I can hardly wait to take hold of my Oak & Oscar Humboldt. The moment I saw this watch I knew it was destined for some great adventures. But I see a bit more than just memories, I also see a group of daring people who took some pretty big risks to embark on a journey that has been dominated by a fraternity of watch making companies that have cornered the market for decades.

So what did Nick and Giles English, Chase Fancher and Jason Lim do exactly? They created timepieces that said something more that just status. They created timepieces that told stories, stories of adventure, exploration and history. These entrepreneurs invigorated a watch world by focusing one very important detail, they listened to what the people wanted and they delivered it. They also did so much more. Bremont has brought the art of watch making back to England, with state of the art facilities in Henley-on-Thames and Silverstone, Northhamptonshire, creating timepieces that are “tested beyond endurance”. They have worked closely with members of he military to create one of a kind bespoke watches and have worked extensively with wounded members of the military in particular team UK Invictus Games. Additionally, Bremont revolutionized the watch world when they decided to pull out of basel and unveil their new goodies in a particularly British way, at a cozy townhouse event.

Oak & Oscar, have worked hand in hand with other small businesses to “make no little plans” and build their empire right here in the U.S. of A. Working with The Hoween Leather Co. Woodnsteel, Stock Mfg. and the Watch Making Project. Working in collaboration to create unique watches, the American way. Additionally, O&O donates a portion of all sales to One Tail at a Time dog rescue. Yes, Oscar is his dog, as for the oak, well visit their website or follow them on social media to figure that one out. Cheers boys!

Vancouver based Jason Lim of Halios has quite simply and without great profit, created well built mechanical timepieces, at ridiculously affordable prices and has offered the most exceptional after sales assistance to each and everyone of his customers. A simple idea that is often so overlooked. I work for none of these companies, so I have nothing to gain here, I simply wanted to share my thoughts on what a well built wrist watch means to me. I have come to learn something of late that we all know and choose to avoid. Time is oh so precious, how do you plan on spending it?

Thanks for reading