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Thread: Townhouse 2019 Releases

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oracle View Post
    That would be good Jake.

    Are you heading to Baselworld?

    Unfortunately not - the day job has got in the way of all watch related frivolities this year! Yourself?


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    Yep. Going to strange to see such a small fair. Can't wait to be honest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oracle View Post
    Again I think it must be the relative thickness of the case although in fairness they're up against Rolex & Tudor here too!

    And, dare I say (in these P.C times) I think Bremont are perceived as predominantly a "bloke's" watch.
    I ask because there's a good chance I'll be purchasing a Solo 34 for someone in the summer. She loves the Bremont watches in general but has yet to try on a ladies Solo. If it fits well she'll certainly choose a Bremont over a Rolex.

    I can see where you're coming from with the second comment but I do think that Bremont are missing a trick here. Whenever I see the Bremont watches outside of a boutique, there are never ladies solos alongside. May be I'm visiting the wrong shops? Admittedly the brand doesn't have the 'prestige' if you can call it that of the more glamorous, female oriented brands such as Rolex and Cartier but the watches are stunning never the less, may be Bremont just needs more of a 'push' in that direction?

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    I was hoping for a different ladies watch for the 2019 release, the Solo 34 and Solo 32 both look too similar (apart from some specs).
    I do wish Bremont, at some point, will make a ladies watch with lume - maybe similar to the Tudor Black Bay 32 or the IWC Mark XII (ladies).

    Anyway, just bought a Bremont Solo-32 to celebrate a new addition to my family - and the extra 30% off from RRP.

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