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Thread: The gift that probably won?t keep giving

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    The gift that probably won?t keep giving

    Sad to say the polished Solo I bought my son in October has had to go back as the crown has seized up and can?t be wound in the winding position.
    Next my Boeing Mk1 has had to go back again as it had gone from losing time to gaining 3mins Per week, so out of 4 Bremont watches owned by my sons and I 50% are in dock, not impressed especially the solo as a present.
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    Understandable that you're not impressed but in the grand scheme of things I imagine that you've been unlucky. I have an equivalent number and not had a problem with any of them so far. Hopefully Bremont are doing their best to sort your problems out?

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    I have 6 Bremonts and I?ve only had minor issues with two - both sorted quickly and efficiently. I would feel pretty miffed in your shoes but it does sound like a bit of bad luck. Hope they can sorted soon and you can enjoy them

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    Thanks guys, it’s the Solo I’m more annoyed about as it was bought as a keepsake. Lets hope my other son doesn’t have any problems with his Mach3.
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    Unfortunately i too have had more than my fair share of issues too. With one back in for repair outside of warranty. My concern is I have other brands which have never been in for a repair or service that are still running well.
    Had That I've been lucky with others or just damn unlucky . That said I'm currently looking to purchase another. Do I ever learn

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