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Thread: Townhouse 2019

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    Townhouse 2019

    It appears that Bremont have big plans for 2019, as news of a third consecutive “Townhouse” event are leaking out.
    Any ideas on what you’d like to see at the Townhouse?

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    I’m wondering if it’s a military project loosely? As with there last few events they hint at the theme in the art work.... either way it’ll be an interesting event!

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    Looking forward to it.

    No idea what I'd like to see just yet but not been disappointed so far!

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    "Making a very special announcement" ???

    Another Boutique? Perhaps on the west coast of US.

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    Who is going? If there are a few of us looking at going on the same day, I may try and do a little forum 'meet-up.'


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    I'll almost certainly be there. Not sure which day yet though.

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    Exciting stuff. I’m hugely interested to see what they’re bringing out, and where they see themselves heading.

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    I'll be going I think on the Thursday.

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    Maybe an event I can actually attend.

    What's the special announcement:

    • Own movement?
    • Expansion?

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    Having spoken to a watchmaker at a recent event by another brand I would go for an in house movement. He spotted my Bremont and at some point we got chatting on the subject of in house movements and with regards to Bremont he said “watch this space”.
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