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Thread: The future of Bremont

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    The future of Bremont

    Hi all

    Happy new year!

    I've recently taken loan of my dads Rolex sub for a few months while he's away and it got me to thinking "how long will Bremont last?". So Bremonts been going for around 10-11 years but will it still be around in 20 -30 years and will it outlive the brothers? I'd love for Bremont to become the "British Rolex" and for my collection of watches to be something that my future kids would enjoy and appreciate or will it be a case of me having a draw full of watches by a long dead watch brand my kids have never heard of.

    Obviously Bremont seems to be doing pretty well at the moment but how long will that last? Will the bottom fall out of the mechanical watch market and all the new generations just want the latest smartwatches. There seems to be a non stop supply of kickstarter projects trying to market its cheap nasty mechanical watches as being highend with low end prices.

    I would love to know peoples thoughts on this and where they see Bremont / quality mechanical watch market going.


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    I think the brand will be around a long time after the brothers have gone but let's not look too far ahead and enjoy them now.

    I'm afraid that I also don't share the sentiment for Rolex that you do. I'll probably upset some people by saying I would prefer to own a Bremont far more than a Rolex, in fact there's not a Rolex that I consider a must have. I do understand your comment though and in my opinion, every Bremont watch I've seen will be held in the same regard in 30 years time as they are now.

    Smart watches are a separate consumer product. They are a must have for some people but those same people will either be well aware that the software will be obsolete within 10 years, possibly less or they are the type to live for the here and now and won't care if their watch works in 5 years time. Mechanical watches tend to be for people who either know the watches and appreciate the engineering/skill involved in making them or are simply a show of affluence. Either way there will be a market for them for a long time to come.

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