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Thread: Welcome to the Bremont Alt1tude SE301!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mapledraco View Post
    Believe it or not I already have a S301 along with a MB2 and the 1918. But how can I resist this rather special re-imagined version?! Cheers...
    Glad to hear it, and welcome to the forum!


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    Hi guys

    Long time lurker. Iíve had a s500 in the past and am happy to come back to Bremont with a special watch. Thanks for the opportunity.


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    Here are some recently obtained images of what the lume will look like on the SE301!

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    I suppose this is my introductory post. I've always wanted a Bremont and found this forum due to an Instagram post on this model. Deposit paid, and now the waiting game starts.

    Now I need to find another Bremont to help during the wait!


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