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Thread: Bremont Selling Direct

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    What's to stop the internet being a help to the industry rather than a hindrance? In this case the Bremont website is only helping potential customers who either can't get to an AD or don't want to and hence won't use an AD. Those customers who prefer AD's will continue to use them. I don't get the doom and gloom?

    I recall recently someone posting asking when Bremont may have an AD in Australia. I don't think there's one in New Zealand either. Given the size of both countries (bigger than the UK) if someone wants to purchase a Bremont, why not offer a direct service? I don't know if the service is offered to overseas customers just yet but it could be a good idea.

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    No doom and gloom just creating healthy debate. Bremont selling online is no different to them selling in their boutiques ⌚️��

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    Sorry, I would interpret ‘another nail in the coffin for the high street’ as not a very positive comment.

    Most of the AD’s have websites so to me at least, Bremont selling direct is just an addition, covering more bases.

    Fir the record, as I mentioned earlier, I would only ever buy from a shop anyway.

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    I maybe a little different as only my SOLO is from the standard line. However all my purchases have been carried outdirect with the company. Quite liked it like that to be fair.

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