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Thread: 2018 Limited Edition Launch

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    Wouldn’t it be easiest to phone the boutique and find out what time they’re open until today?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hammond View Post
    Can anyone confirm if the reveal is in Mayfair and what time? I don't want to go and haven't been invited but I do want to drop a watch in for service so wondering if they're closing early.
    The launch is NOT in Mayfair. As for the boutique, just phone and ask. Tel: (0)2074935150.


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    Has anyone here seen a preview of the watch?

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    I’m pretty excited to see what the English boys have done, and if they’ve gone down the World Timer route (which would make sense for a Concorde based watch where you might want to rapidly change time zones). I think it will be a World Timer. They’ve done the GMT with last year’s 1918.

    In my view, most World Timer watches are quite cluttered. They need to be simple and functionsl. The best I’ve ever see is the 1950s Breitling Unitime 1-260. Stunning piece, and utterly simple.

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    All will be revealed soon! Will post up all the details at 9PM BST/4PM EST so that everyone is in the know!

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