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Thread: Bremont now in Jared

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    Also why are all your wrists so hairy! it looks like someone's dropped a joint of ham on a barbershop floor then put a watch on it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prestjoh View Post

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    I have watch envy. I've been lucky enough to try some of the rarest Patek around at places like Basel, but the Nautilus has always been 'the' Patek for me - along with the 5960P.....


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    Hello all,

    It’s true that Bremont are now being carried at several Jared locations around the US since mid 2018.
    In fact, I was in attendance at a special event held at Jared in Atlanta last night to launch the brand with Giles English! The staff there were wonderful, the showroom very nice, and i left there feeling as though it was a great experience! Many folks there already knew of the brand, but it was fresh exposure for several as well.
    Jared are under new ownership and are expanding expertise from jewelry to watches and jewelry. They are carrying a great range of luxury watches like Omega, Tudor, Breitling, Oris, etc.

    After last night, I feel very good about Bremont partnering with Jared to sell their products!
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    A few captures from last night:

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    Nice pictures!

    The 10th anniversary watch is nice although I'm afraid that it (the set) didn't appeal enough to prevent the acquisition of a 1918 RG instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattonic View Post
    I am disappointed to see this news today. Low end jewellery chain Jarad is now stocking Bremont. I hope the boys know what they are doing as to me that really waters the brand down. Next we'll see them in Walmart.
    What a strange thing to say! Disappointed that Bremont are expanding on their retail partners and gaining even more exposure? Jared is nothing like going into H Samuel, and they do stock other similar watch brands for the price point. You donít frown upon someone for wearing a breitling, TAG or Omega. And why should Bremont put themselves in a position where they donít reach out to retailers other than those selling high end only. I think itís a smart move, and it gives them more exposure to an ever increasing fan base.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Danger View Post

    What a strange thing to say!
    From an uninformed perspective it's an interesting comment though. Those like me who don't know Jared may not care but if you have someone who knows the jewellery chain saying that they are low end then it does make you wonder whether it's a good move for Bremont - how many other people will be thinking the same?

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    I noticed this about a month ago when I went to get some jewelry cleaned while back in the States. I've never viewed Jared as a low-end jeweler; in fact, most people I know think of them as mainstream, but on the higher end (think BMW, not Bentley). They might not be the top tier, but they sell quality stuff. It's owned by the same parent as Kay and Zales but I've always had excellent service and their watch selection is decent...and now better :-) It will give a LOT more exposure to the brand and from a business perspective, I think it's a great move. They also sell Breitling, Omega, etc.
    - TexZan -

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